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Posted by: Bigronfrank On: Fri Aug 31, 08:29 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
Gll could you get ahold of me i was interested in if he had more of those borwich birds

Posted by: Nickc On: Sat Dec 02, 09:34 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
Could Helmet1 please get back to me about his shortface Budapest. My email address is in my wanted ad response to his question.

Posted by: Booger On: Thu Nov 26, 04:27 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
I would like to talk to Redflash about his Tumbler Pigeons

Posted by: On: Fri Oct 23, 06:41 AM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)

Posted by: Sonata9 On: Wed Aug 19, 01:33 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
I cant get my picture of Inbred Staghorn y.b. - Breeding Quality on the auction page. I upload it as I have done before. I even uploaded it a second time and posted the listing a second time removing the initial listing - must have made a mistake. Same problem Please help.

Posted by: Lip7 On: Sat Feb 01, 03:36 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
I would love to use your side, but I cant paste URL pictures, can you do something about it

Posted by: Carrierboy On: Fri Jan 31, 08:49 PM (My FeedBack) (My Auctions)
Could you please go into your site settings and remove the block on copy and pasting. One cant even copy a pigeon name, an area, or anything to then paste into a google search. very annoying.

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