Kastle Pigeon health supplements for racing and show pigeons. Reduce your dependence on antibiotics today!
Kastle Pigeon health supplements for racing and show pigeons. Reduce your dependence on antibiotics today!
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Status Item #Bids High Bid
Black Houben Hen 14$100.00
Merckx Keizer hen 6$25.00

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Anise Oil 8oz. (Dr. Pigeon)
Current Bid: $23.95

Jacobin Pair (White Male and Black Bald Head Female)
Current Bid: $150.00

Lace Wing Roller Pair
Current Bid: $50.00

Crate Handle
Current Bid: $3.25

Mated pair Italian owls
Current Bid: $40.00

Tony treasure 5 in 1 tablets
Current Bid: $26.00

Ropa-B 10% liquid (100ml)
Current Bid: $15.95

Precision Vaccination Gun
Current Bid: $31.95

Mediworm tablets (100)
Current Bid: $22.95

Metronidazole 20% pdr (200 grams)
Current Bid: $25.95

White Breeding Pigeons
Current Bid: $25.00

Flite Boost (Ropa-B product line) 500 ml
Current Bid: $22.95

Featured Items
All Featured Items
Status Item #Bids High Bid
Dr Pigeon Electrolyte 20 oz. 0$9.95
Enrofloxacin 20% pdr 1$26.95
"All in One" pdr (200 gr.) 1$35.00
Fidelis lofts Complete sell out 1$20.00
The Birmingham Roller Pigeon 0$11.95
Oxfendazole 20% pdr (100 gr.) 0$15.95
Furaltadone 20% pdr (100 gr) 0$19.95
MedPet 4 in 1 tablets (100 tablets) 0$21.95
Warsaw Buttrfly's 0$700.00
Pigeon Supplies Plus "4 in 1" 100gr. 0$19.95
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